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Welcome to Index Financial Services

We own the Corporate and Business Strategies of our Customers.


INDEX Financial Services provides the Companies / Entrepreneurs with adequate consulting and support expertise, in a timely and continuous way, which has become to corporations a conditioning, in order to apply with more assertiveness the proper strategy according to their needs.

All financial markets present continuous and rapid changes, demanding Companies efficient answers that allow them to adequate strategies to changing market demands.

Trends  of the global economy and their impact in domestic markets demand a specialization from companies according with the business growth.

That’s why INDEX Financial Services directs its efforts to support Entrepreneurs and CEO’s to analyze strategies, decision making and implementation, through the following divisions:

• Consulting
• Corporate Finance
• Investment Banking


We are a Firm that makes our Customers’ Corporate and Business Strategies as our own, based on commitment, experience, knowledge and service attitude, in order to achieve the companies’ goals.